Painting is a form of art and the person who makes the painting is called a Painter.

Painter can be of many types each depending on the type of painting he makes
Painter is also known as artist and holds a respectful position in our society.
We also call a person who paints our houses or buildings as a Painter
A painter is a person who applies an emulsion called paint to a surface.
A painter makes painting and sells his work at art and painting exhibitions.
So many Painters have come and gone but very few of them have been successful.
Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti and Pablo Picasso are known for their art work and each one is a world famous Painter.
Painting is the profession of the Painter and it is by his paintings that a painter earns his bread and milk.
Painter Leonardo da Vinci is globally famous Painter and his art works like Mona Lisa and the Last supper are phenomenal.
There has been Painter even in pre historic world as earlier people used to make symbols and draw things to communicate.
A Painter can make landscape painting, portrait painting and still life and real life paintings.
A landscape Painter makes an outdoor scene and paints the nature which has land, water, clouds, wind and sunlight.
A portrait Painter basically makes the image of a person or animals and the portrait Painter can also capture the mood of the model.
A still life Painter paints things like flowers, food, or musical instruments.
A real life Painter can show a busy street, party, gatherings or anyplace where there is life
A religious Painter paints and tries to give out religious message to the audience.
Greece is one country which has the history of having well rather the best Painter.
Greek Painter, El Greco is famous for his unusual wall paintings and was a greatest painter.
There are many drawing or painting schools which offer painting trainings to a Painter.
Theodoros Vryzakis is a Painter who is known for his paintings which depicted Greek life.
Each Painter has his own style of painting and his own way to use the colors and the brushes.
A modern art Painter is someone who is known for his bizarre paintings.
In India there have been many painters but Raja Ravi Varma is said to be a unique painter who become a world famous painter.

If you are planning to become a painter then you need to get training from good Art colleges.

Painting is such a filed which not only gives the Painter money but also a glamorized world.

Painter like M.F Hussain has really made a mark in the world of art.

A painter is just like a Fashion designer who exhibits his work not at a fashion show but at an Art Exhibition.

A good painter need not be an aged person even a child can become a famous painter.

If your child wants to become a Painter then you should always support his dream.

One of Indiaís famous painter is Sudhir Patwardhan who a famous contemporary Painter.

A Painter is creative person who has the ability to draw or paint what he sees.

One can get a good Painter for making paintings which he can put up at his home.

In early days when there was no camera it was through paintings that a Painter could capture a moment.
Many people call a Painter to make their family portrait as it looks more elegant and stylish.

In India it is mostly the Bengalis who are good Painters as they are more creative.

Painter has the ability to stop the time by capturing it on his canvas.

A Painter can charge very high prices for his paintings so now days itís the trend for the elite class to buy paintings.

Painter uses several things like a brush, paint colors, and a canvas sheet to draw his paintings.

Painter who paint our houses should use good quality paints as its our house what we are giving him to paint.

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