Acquiring Traffic Method

How can you make money with Adsense? Well the basic principle behind it is writing good enough content to attract good enough ads for people to click on. What is missing in this link? The answer: traffic.

Acquiring Traffic Method 1. Article Submission.
This One of the best ways you can get traffic. You write an article and submit it to article directories. Obviously you write articles based on what your site’s content is focused on. I would strongly recommend writing original articles (like I do) and not just copy and paste other people’s works and brand it your own. It is unethical and if Google picks it up, it can punish you. It does no good to your credibility too.

Do a search on Google for “article directories” and sign up for at least 6. Write at least 2 articles a day and submit them for a month. I am not lying, at the end of the month, if you do not see a significant amount of traffic gushing in; you can email me from my website and curse at me. If you bear to.

Acquiring Traffic Method 2. Forum Postings
This method coupled with the above method would give you a super healthy does of one way back links. Sign up, again, for 5 forums (related to your site) and try to post actively in all of them. It create tons of one way links and also, if you have built a good relationship with the community there, you can even blatantly promote your site!
Acquiring Traffic Method 3. Ad words
Yes you can combine Ad words and Adsense together and still make a profit. You simply use leverage. Heard of Ad words Arbitrage? You bid for keywords that are low yet you maintain high paying Adsense ads. Is it possible? Yes. Do your research and send only the cheapest possible traffic for search engine bidding. The key here is not to be laser targeted keywords , they can be off a little but they need to be cheap. Another way is to simply set separate content bids for content advertising. Set it very cheaply and it will drive traffic quickly also.
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