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VoIP is Better, Cheaper, less resource intensive, and still presently tax free (although I see that changing in the near future)

The arrival of VoIP has changed the landscape of telecommunications for everyone in the industry. The quality of the new internet technology, when it is good, is far superior to land line calls. When itís bad it has more to do with the lack of control of VoIP packets traversing the public Internet to deliver itís service.

Vonage, Lingo, Packet 8, and XO communications are huge, highly marketed VoIP providers focusing both on the residential market and commercial business market. These companies suffer a lot of abuse talking about voice quality and over all quality of service in general. Although some of this abuse may be justified due to poor infrastructure planning most of the quality of service issues are due to relying on the public internet to deliver itís voice packets. No one can predict what will happen to a VoIP voice packet once it leaves the controlled enviroment of the providers network and ventures out into the wild west of the uncontrolled public internet.

VoIP works best when the service is delivered over a private network without having to traverse the public internet. Simply Bits in Tucson AZ has built out the largest privately owned VoIP and broadband network in southern Arizona.

Simply Bits is able to deliver its VoIP service to all businesses in southern AZ without having to have the VoIP voice packets traverse the public internet. What this equates to is VoIP the way it is supposed to beÖ Superior voice quality, with far more versatility, features and less overall cost than traditional telecommunications legacy copper line solutions.

The traditional telephone communication companies have been locked in a time warp. Many of the older companies still have a small bandwidth of only 300 to 3400 hertz and a limited dynamic range of around 50 to 60 decibels (compare that to a typical hi-fi sound system that spans 18,000 to 20,000 hertz with a dynamic range of around 100 decibels).

VoIP may force these leopards to change their spots. The typical bandwidth spans over 50 to 7000 hertz, but it can extend as high as 14k hertz. The dynamic range is also good. If the providers ever get VoIP service to a consistent delivery, there is no doubt that the quality will win out even the biggest skeptics.

Legacy, copper wire business telecom solutions are inherently inferior for one simple reason. A single point of failure because it has to use a physical "wire".

Wires are good for mending fences and straightening teeth.

In this day and age a wire in the ground or in the air supplying Voice and Data services to a business with mission critical applications is out-dated and borderline reckless.

Sometimes a wire in the ground is just begging to be inadvertently cut...This usually happens at the worst time possible...Like in the middle of credit card transactions during the busy holiday season...

Can you really afford to depend on an out-dated copper wire?

VoIP is "virtual" and delivered via an ethernet connection. It runs over the bandwidth connection that you run your internal network on that gives you access to the internet.

VoIP and traditional telecommunications are worlds apart when it comes to sound. Traditional calls are like using a hand held FM radio compared to the VOIP which is more like a large hi-fi system.

VoIP still has a ways to go before it dominates the telecommunications industry. When it is good, it is the best thing available to subscribers. The problem is that it is not always good when it is delivered via the public internet as itís backbone (someithing Simply Bits of Tucson AZ has eliminated). When VoIP voice packets are delivered via the public internet and the quality of service is bad,.. it is bad, and you wouldnít want to be on an important phone call, thatís for sure.

Find out why Simply Bits of Tucson has solved this problem and can deliver VoIP the way it is meant to be....A superior solution.

Call Keith with Simply Bits for your Free no obligation VoIP demo 520-545-7287

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