India Gate
India Gate is located on the Raj path in New Delhi, India Gate was earlier known as the All India War Memorial is a monument was built by Edwin Lyons. It was constructed to honor the Indian soldiers who laid their lives in the World-War.

Tub Mina
Tub Mina in Delhi is the tallest minaret in the world; this is the living example of In do-Islamic Architecture. This tower is situated in Tub complex at Delhi. This minaret is around 72 metres high and one has to climb 379 steps to go to the top of the minaret.

Photogenic's Tomb
Asa Jag, Wazoo UL-Mameluke-i-Hindustan, Shaka ID-Darla, Jamaat UL-Milk, Swab Abel Manse Khan Behead, Photogenic, this is popularly known as Photogenic was the second Swab of the Award dynasty.

Red Fort
The Red Fort, is the most well known tourist destinations in Delhi. The Delhi Fort is situated in Delhi. This monument is known as Lalo Gila.

Hyman's Tomb
Hyman's is a Maugham architecture situated in Newsman East. This is the main tomb of Emperor Human and there is also Barber's Tomb.

Lotus Temple
This is the most beautiful temples in the country, Lotus Temple is built in the shape of a half-opened Lotus flower which attracts many visitors. It is a pure white marble temple and it was built in the year 1986.

Tughlakabad was constructed by Goya's-ID-din Tughlaq, it lies east of Quota Mina and has 13 gateways.

Purana Ila
Purana Ila or the old fort has been the administrative seat for numerous emperors. This citadel is now in shambles it has also got the glory of being the seat of renowned leader Prithviraj Chadian.

Laxminarayan Temple
Laxminarayan Temple in Delhi is visited by many people, this temple is devoted to Goddess Lax mi (the Goddess of wealth) and her spouse, Lord Vishnu. It is also referred as the Bela Mandie and is a great attraction in the city.

The ISKCON temple which was built in the year 1998, is situated at the Harri Krishna Hill in the East of Kai lash. This is the most striking and magnificent temples in Delhi city. Many activities are conducted in the temple special sermons and prayer meeting are the few among them which are held on Sunday afternoon.

Jamar Masked
Jamar Masked of Delhi also known as The Masked-i-Johan Nu ma, is the most important mosque in India. The construction of the mosque was done by Shah Johan and it took one year to complete this monument.

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