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Meta Tag Generator Online

Meta Tag Generator is the tools that help you to generate HTML code for meta tags. Meta tags recommended to be put on the <head> tag. In This Meta tags generator tools also provide tags to allow search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing to index or not by setting up the meta tag for robots. 

How to write good meta tags?

You can easily write good seo friendly meta tags as an seo consultant if you follow these guidelines.

Meta Page Title:
The character count of title should range from 65 -75 characters with no spaces. The title should include your most important keyword once. It is recommended if you can write your keyword in the start of the sentence.

Meta Description:
The count should be anywhere from 150 to 320 character without spaces. The keywords should at least be repeated in the description twice or three times at max.

Meta Keywords:
These days most of the search engines do not give meta keywords anymore importance. Although from my experience it is good to mention two major keywords. Some of the search engine optimization guru's recommend writing three meta keywords is the best search engine optimization practice.